A review of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Imperial Measurement: a cost-benefit analysis of Western colonialism


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The Economist: What the Crown Jewels Reveal About Britain’s Colonial Past

https://www.economist.com/culture/2023/05/26/what-the-crown-jewels-reveal-about-britains-colonial-past “Modern attitudes towards the legacy of colonialism are shifting. Younger Britons are more sceptical than their parents about their country’s role in world history. And as historians scrutinise sources from former colonies, hard truths about Britain’s historical empire are emerging. People are eager to know more. Community groups who were consulted during research for the exhibition said they wanted to learn about the Koh-i-Noor and Cullinan diamonds, explains Mr Farris. In a similar vein, many Western museums are becoming increasingly transparent about contested objects in their collections. Yet even this retain and explain policy can meet resistance. Professor Lester […]